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Easy Carpet Maintenance - Secrets From the Carpet Cleaning Houston Professionals

We have the best tips to keeping a clean carpet. We share tips and methods straight from carpet cleaning Houston professionals. Being in the business, we know all about traffic patterns throughout the house, stain, wear, and how to prevent these issues. By following these tips, your carpets can remain cleaner, which will make them last longer. A clean carpet is also easier to maintain.
Vacuum Frequently and Properly
The first line of defense on proper carpet care is vacuuming. This will get rid of most of the dirt and loose fibers as carpets begin to fray with age. The EPA itself recommends vacuuming between 1 and 3 times a week, depending on the frequency of traffic through certain areas, and how often that traffic brings in dirt and other things from outside. Most of the dirt is trapped within the first ten feet of a carpet that's inside the home, which causes the most damage to carpets. Dirt twists and grinds against the carpet's fibers, which causes tearing and fraying. Frequent vacuuming eliminates this dirt presence.
Allow Stain Remover to Work
If you have ever had your carpet professionally cleaned, you may have noticed there was a period of time where the carpet cleaning Houston professional appeared to be doing nothing. This is because any stain remover sprayed has to have time to get down into the carpet and break down dirt. 10-15 minutes is usually the standard amount of time given, and it is usually the most effective for any stain remover. This allows the product enough time to break down most of the dirt while not giving it too much time to start messing up a carpet. Simply applying the stain remover, then immediately scrubbing can cause more damage to the carpet and will only force a stain deeper. Proper application and use involves spraying the desired area, waiting around 10 or 15 minutes, then gently blotting and rinsing the carpet.
Place Rugs Throughout the Home
One of the main causes of carpets getting a dingy look is not dirt, but oils. Dirt can simply be vacuumed up, and is easy to control. Any sort of oil present on the carpet fibers can cause the dirt to become wet, which allows it to seep into the carpet fibers instead of remaining on the outside layer of carpet to be vacuumed. Most of the oils found in the home come from the kitchen and the bathroom. Kitchen oils are released into the air in microscopic particles as you cook, which then settle on the ground. Walking over this allows the oil to spread throughout the home. Bathrooms are affected in much the same way, as well as the natural oils your skin produces. The easiest way to prevent oils from causing damage and spreading is to use rugs. Proper rug placement, specifically in high-traffic areas, can soak up most of the oils. Rugs are also easily washed, which prevents the dingy appearance on them. Any carpet cleaning professional can give you an evaluation on where the best places to spread rugs would be for maximum effectiveness.
Ask for Personalized Tips
While your carpets are being cleaned by any professional, don't be afraid to ask questions. While inside your home, the professional can give you personalized tips to keep your carpets clean, rather than the general advice found on the Internet. This can allow for changes in where your rugs are, or how often you vacuum based on your home's actual needs, and the professional can give you the most effective ways to keep a clean home with your specific carpet type.
Carpet cleaning Houston services follow proper procedures, especially keeping dirt and oils off your carpets, that can greatly improve your home's appearance. It's a simple task once you've learned the ways to do it, and proper stain removal means never having to hide that embarrassing spill with awkward furniture placement again.

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